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Our mission as Ottawa Website Designers is give you the web tools that your company needs on its quest for success in business. In order to do this we will develop for you a website which speaks clearly to your customers about your company's ability to solve their problems and meet their needs. A website which speaks directly to customers in a way which shows that you not only understand their needs but have prepared products and solutions to meet them. Therefore we seek to obtain from the customer not just a quick glance but a serious period of thoughtful inspection. The goal of a website is not so much to provide a gallery of products which customers want to gaze at but a thought provoking call to action which will point them toward your phone number and toward their phone. In this way your website becomes not just a challenging project for you but a valid tool that leads to your success in business.

SEO - The Hidden Part That Wins Business Success

A winning website demands considerably more than an eye appealing style and format. The Internet is full of nice looking websites which can never seem to rise enough in success in business the Search Engine ranks to obtain a fair viewing. The fact of the matter is that many website designers believe that their job is finished once the structure and aesthetic design of the site is finished. But, at this point, the most important part of the design work has not yet begun. The Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the hidden part on a web page which makes it ready to have a higher place on Google Search. Many sites done by design companies and Quickie Online Design Wizards lack the SEO touch because the work is done in a hurry-up manner. SEO work is a challenge that will be ongoing throughout the life of your website. As Ottawa Website Designers we promise to take the time to give you "An Initial SEO Workup" which will result in a significant advantage for you in reaching your goal of success in business.

A website is not meant to merely stand there and look good. We are sure that your company does not want to just put on a good show; you want to make money. A successful website needs to have the marketing features which will involve customer interaction and repeated involvement. Various strategies are available in order to bring more repeat visits and stir potential customers to greater interest in your company. We can show you some strategies for building a contact list which will help your company have an active following. This day and age is a time of expending possibilities for list building and increased customer loyalty. Let us show you how to use the website as you move forward to success in business.

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Niche Website Design

A niche website finds its way quickly to the top of the Search Engines but in a very narrowly defined field. This is an effective way to market that product without having the strength and financial backing of a large corporation.


Small Business Website Design

A small business website or a brochure may be exactly what you are looking for. If you are offering a service rather than products and you live in a less populated area, you can have a very effective Business Brochure for a small to modest investment.


Discount Website Design Package

A Discount Template Website would be good for the new business owner or the person trying to avoid high start up costs. By ordering a website designed by a template you are saving us precious time and yourself precious dollars.


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